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myspace sucks and u deserve to get raped

January 19, 2010

yes, it is true..myspace sucks

hold on there kids, all of you with cocks relocated in TOM’s asshole..myspace is garbage..everyday you readin somethin new bout a kid gettin exposed, you gotta be careful these days with people tryin to solicit sex with its disgustin..TOM you are a brilliant genius in marketin and business, but what your willin to do to get the money is disturbin and wrong..your goal was to create a global networkin site and you did that..your goal was to create somethin new an excitin and you did that..your goal wasn’t to get children taken advantage of an yet you did that..

but thats the tip of the iceberg..whats even more sad is that people actually compete to see how many FAKE/INVISIBLE friends they can about goin outside and meetin real people, instead of sittin on the internet like a nerd and get active in the real world..nobody cares how many people you can gather as “friends”, it just goes to prove that you have no life, and you spend way too much time on the internet..

“but it’s a way to keep in touch”..have you heard of a phone?? can you not text there?? can you not make an instant call for quick results?? you can..and its private, its between 2 people..its pretty sad you need comments for your world to be complete..society basin how good you are on what how many comments you are a fuckin piece of shit..bottom line..get a real people and grow a back bone..

“myspace is awesome, we get songs” does your phone, your ipod, so i’m not sure wtf you’re talkin about but ok..keep spendin your pathetic, sad little lives livin in the cyber world, collectin your friends, so they can get info on you, fuck you over, stalk you..

myspace = creation of thugs, vandals, and homosexuals..

yes homosexuals..all you faggots out there in the world, stfu..i dont care you cant get married you dont deserve to be..only lesbians should be allowed to get married, but only the ones that dont look like some butcher bitch..

myspace sucks..its bad for the world..and its bad for you..

answer: get a fuckin life..




Hello world i hate u!

January 18, 2010

this is my blog if you dont like it get the fuck out